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419 Scams Get Theirs

I’m sure you’re all familiar with 4-1-9 scams. Those are the scams where people, often from Nigeria, claim to be some sort of official that needs to move money somewhere, and wants to use your bank account to do it, splitting the proceeds with you. There are several variations to this theme, none of them legitimate. Later on in the scam, they encourage you to visit their country. Suprisingly, people do that, and it’s making the scammers millions of dollars per year.

One site, 419 Eater, scams the scammers. From the simple, like making them post ridiculously and emailing the results, to the complex — leading them on as far as having them spend their own money to get you to fly to their country. And every revenge scam is meticulously documented, with photos and/or audio, at this website.

They even give you helpful hints on how to scam them back, on your own!

My personal favorite is the one from India, where the scammer posed with a loaf of bread on his head, and a fish in his hand. That’s about as surreal as it gets! If I had the time and patience, I’d go after one of the scammers, myself.

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