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Email Notification

The email notification was not working for a while — I should have known, as I subscribe to it, myself!

So if you are getting this and wondering why you haven’t heard anything, you may want to pop onto the site and take a look at the archives.

Also, it does NOT notify (as far as I can tell) when I put up a picture. I don’t do that too much, though. I’ll post if I do, and you’ll get notification that way.

Also added email notification to my husband’s site, Shite Waterfalls. I think I am going to manually set up a list for my photo website, because I update that a LOT but there is no way to tell when I did or didn’t.

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Email Notification

The email notification was not working for a while — I should have known, as I subscribe to it, myself!

So if you are getting this and wondering why you haven’t heard anything, you may want to pop onto the site and take a look at the archives.

Also, it does NOT notify (as far as I can tell) when I put up a picture. I don’t do that too much, though. I’ll post if I do, and you’ll get notification that way.

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Bayfest 2004

Bayfest 2004Photos of Bayfest 2004 some of which will be in this week’s Brooklyn Skyline. Was a nice day out, took photos of the Bayfest in Sheepshead Bay as well as some pictures of “local color”. Was a very hot day out, though. I think one of my favorite’s is the one with this post. Even the fishing boats are careful.

They didn’t do a Blessing of the Fleet — BIG (Bay Improvement Group) claims that only 3 boats showed up last year, even though everyone said they showed up. People with family on the boats say that BIG shows no consideration for the poor guys trying to make a living — they schedule the Blessing at a time when the boats would be out. They would have to take a day off of work, for this event. Just not worth it, to them. I don’t blame them, it’s hard work, it’s seasonal, you have to make your money where you can. Other rumours out there were that it would be the last one, ever. There was no lot full of concessions, as I heard there were in prior years. Indeed, I could only buy Arizona Iced Tea from the BIG table. None of the people you would find at a street fair of any sort. Ended early, too.

No information on the art show, either. I would have considered getting a little setup for my photography — although yes, there were photographers better than me there, there were others that I would have considered my equal, and maybe I would have said my stuff was better/more interesting. Besides, I have a HUGE gallery of Sheepshead Bay photos. Locals might have been interested. Been talking to a local painter, we’re both going to investigate this further, selling stuff around here, at the very least getting into the next art show. IF we could find out when it is.

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You know, I want to believe you. You’ve been an outspoken man, who’s given a voice to people who didn’t have one.

But you got more and more outrageous. You started manipulating things. You lied by omission. You stretched the truth. It got more and more outrageous.

So now when you say you have footage of people being abused in Iraq, I am angry. Angry because you are the boy who cried wolf. So now those who want to deny the torture will hold you up there as an example. It can’t be true, they’ll say, because Michael Moore is involved.

People will think they’re staged. I’m certainly doubtful of the validity of your footage.

And what will this do? Besides further harming the nearly destroyed Iraqi-American relationship, it will just put our troops at risk. And if you’re one of those cold hearted bastards that feel nothing for the soldiers fighting over there? Fine. Think of this. When there is more of a backlash against the soldiers, you don’t think they’ll lash out further? They’re an 800 pound gorilla. It will just escalate things further.

But hey, it’s just human lives — doesn’t matter when you have a show to put on at Cannes, does it?

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How could I let this pass me by? Nigritude Ultramarine and the whole google thing looks like fun — I didn’t know if I should put nigritude ultramarine on Dan’s site? Or my nigritude ultramarine ish photo site or does my blog best reflect the spirit of nigritude ultramarine?

At the end of the day, putting it on his site about construction workers, or my photo gallery/prints didn’t make sense.

But Little Bits and Pieces makes no sense at all. So Nigritude Ultramarine just fit perfect, here.

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I wanted to get my daughter some math help. Just not sinking in, you know? So when I saw a site that offered a tutoring program, I gladly gave my email and phone number to find out about it. I wanted this guy to call.

So next day I get a phone call. Guy tells me about this company, and how the program works. It sounds good. The price isn’t bad, and I could get started for 1/3 of the price, pay the rest later. Great. Now, I don’t have the credit card number on me, he called me at a bad time. So I tell him I am going to try to get the number, look it up or get in touch with Dan (who has the card) and call back, or I agreed to let him call me back later, at about 4:30. About as agreeable as you can get with a telemarketer, I think.

So, about an hour later, he calls to ask if I was able to get the number. Uuuum, no. Didn’t I say that I would call you if I got it, otherwise I’ll talk to you around 4:30? Fine. At around 2:30 in the afternoon he calls to tell me he went to lunch, did he miss my call? No, you did not. I would imagine your company has voice mail. And if not, well, whatever, you were supposed to CALL ME LATER.

So by time 4:30 rolls around, when he calls me by the wrong name, that’s it, forget it. I’m done.

No way I’m getting anything now. Could have been one of the easiest sales ever, and you screwed it up.

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Oh how I loathe car service.

Finally I got a cell phone so I can actually call car service when at the supermarket. At one place, I would have to pay someone to look after my food so I could walk nearly a block away to get to a pay phone to call someone to come get me.

This was our first trip with the phone. Fantastic. I call, and get quoted a 7-8 minute wait. Now, I know you can’t trust them 100%, but it’s gotten to the point that if it is a long wait, they tell you up front, knowing you haven’t got too much choice. Plus, it’s good for them, because if you call someone else, they don’t show up to a place with no one there.

After 15 minutes, no one. I’ve got meat, I’ve got sherbert, I’ve got hot blazing sun. I call. “Any second now,” they tell me. Another 15 minutes, they tell me he went to the wrong supermarket (on streets with names not similar at ALL to where I am), and they will be right there. This other supermarket is 5 minutes away, tops.

Fifteen minutes later than THAT, 45 minutes after this whole thing started, my car pulls up.

I don’t say anything. Sometimes it is the guy on the phone lying. I’m not going to hold it against the driver. I put my son in the back, load my groceries up, and get in. No help, but again, you don’t know if anyone has a bad back, or whatever, I can load my heavy groceries myself, even with a small child with me.

We get going and he asks me how much the ride is. I tell him I don’t know. He questions me, “The boss didn’t tell you on the phone?” No. He’s awfully annoyed, so I say that if they didn’t bother telling me it would be 45 minutes, why would they bother telling me the price?

He starts yelling at me something about how I could just take my phone and call a number of companies until one says a more acceptable time. MIND YOU, they told me 7-8 minutes, which WAS acceptable. That’s not the point, this nutjob is telling me I should waste my time and money calling EVERY CAR SERVICE IN THE AREA and see who shows up first. Stupid, besides, if I were to do that, they just wouldn’t come for me anymore. Duh.

So I yell back and he starts yelling in Russian. Whatever. So I whip my phone out and call them ONE MORE DAMN TIME. I tell them that I am calling to find out the price, and that the driver is mad at me because I did not know the price. I also tell them that he had a brilliant idea, that next time I should call someone else. They’re apologetic — he’s still yelling in Russian, this time into the radio to I guess someone else that works for them.

“And I would LOVE to know what he’s been saying this whole time in Russian! I am SO SORRY I called the wrong car service, I didn’t know you had to be from a certain place to use it!” Guy apologizes more, tells me it is $6, and we hang up.

We get to my turn, guy makes no indication of turning (like moving in the right lane). I try to tell him, “You have to turn here, it’s the last chance to turn to get me where I am going.” What do I know, right? Any further, you wind up in the water. So he has to make a u-turn before winding up on the parkway to Long Island. Fine. Pulls over, pops open the trunk, I get out.

He comes out to collect his money, not to help. I hand him a $20. Normally I say how much change I want, which is usually about $2 added to the ride price. I just take everything out, take all my singles back. (That is what he gave me. Singles.)

I shut the trunk and walk away, steaming. This is my first time I have ever gone without tipping a car service driver. I also left the passenger door open, apparently.

He yells at me rudely to shut the door.

I start to walk towards it, and think the better of it. I tell him, “No.”

He yells at me, demands that I close the door. I laugh and tell him he has to be kidding.

Well if the Russian he was ranting before sounded angry, he must’ve been cursing out me, my parents, my children, my cat, my God above and the devil below. That man was FURIOUS. I was laughing so hard at this point, thrilled that I made his day almost as miserable as he made mine.

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