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Enough already

I spend way too much time posting elsewhere — I should post HERE. The service is much better, I doubt very much I’ll be pulling my hairs out of my head as I do on other sites.

Besides, I think this place looks much prettier.

I suppose I could update with all that’s been going on in my life.

I lost my grandmother, and it still stings.

I lost a young friend, and that’s still got me confused. Too young.

I did gain a nephew, and that helped ease things a lot. That and watching my brother and his wife go from couple to parents. It’s quite a thing to watch from the outside.

The spousal unit finally took the plunge — he now works full time as an ironworker. He’s working on a renovation of a building that was hit by debris on 9/11. The building is a landmark, an old Neogothic early skyscraper by the guy who did the Woolworth Building. He’s really got to take my camera to work one day.

I am getting very tan and getting thinner. No very in the thinner bit. Rather a slow loss because of all my time outside, all the walking, and just not being in the mood to eat. Now that I have a bit of an appetite, I find I can’t eat as much as I used to. That’s a good thing. I’m more conscious of the signals my body puts out, I guess.

Got one of those Simple Set pools for the kids. Now all I need is an air pump to do the top ring. Anyone in Brooklyn have one for me? I’ll let you wade in it a while! (It’s only 21 inches deep.)

I may do a flurry of posts here, instead of the gradual moving over to this site, I should just jump into it with both feet. You can get it as an RSS feed, an LJ feed, or an email notification. You won’t miss a single word of mine, you lucky dogs.

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