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A Difficult Pregnancy

Link: A Difficult Pregnancy, Shawnna Hughes divorced her abusive husband. But four days later a judge revoked her divorce because Shawnna Hughes was pregnant– and pregnant women in Washington, according to this judge, can’t get divorced., by A. J. Glusman (12/23/04).

I am disgusted and horrified to read this. I also think it’s stupid that in so many places, even if the husband is not the father, he is legally the father of a child.

Washington State. A place for abusive men to set up home.

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Once again, I am unreachable. Cable company being stupid. Can access some parts of the internet (like FM, and the bookmarklet to post here), other parts, forget it.

I’m going to try resetting everything again in a few minutes. Until then, I can get some emails, you can comment here, I will probably see it.

Hopefully this will be cleared up during the business day tomorrow, otherwise I don’t see them clearing it up before Monday.

I really should drop Optimum Online and get DSL, Optimum is the pits. Nothing but trouble.

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Link: Help Earthquake and Tsunami Survivors Now : Emergency and Material Assistance Program : AFSC.

I guess everyone has their pet charity during these times, and I just wanted to put a word out for American Friends Service Committee, a Quaker organization that has done a lot of work over the years, and during this crisis plans on doing the following:

# let the local people determine what response is most needed;

# provide support for groups or communities that might not be served by larger aid responses; and

# offer pragmatic, immediate help that builds longer-term recovery so that communities can rebuild long after the media attention and compassionate responses for aid have diminished.

Of course the need for immediate help is important, but I like their forward thinking attitude and their desire to look for underserved communities during this crisis.

Their other work is impressive, too, they’re an organization I respect.

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Link: Planned Parenthood Alone Responsible for Nearly 250,000 US Abortions Last Year.

What I would really like to find out though, is some statistics from an unbiased source about the number of adoption referrals they have, and if someone can let me know if they do pre-natal care or referrals in any part of the USA.

I will never give Planned Parenthood a penny ever since they suggested I have an abortion when I called in Brooklyn asking for referrals to sliding scale/affordable pre-natal care. I was unsure if my pregnancy was covered or not, so was looking for what my options were. They said they could only refer me to an abortion provider. They did not have a single person to refer me for pre-natal care, no information on any programs (and PCAP was in place back then), nor did they even mention adoption. It was abortion or fend for myself.

Why do they have the word PARENTHOOD in their name, at all, if they have absolutely nothing to do with it?

I supported them yearly before then, and maybe it seems like a long time to hold a grudge, but how many women felt pressured to abort because they wouldn’t give the women all the options out there, or would help them find affordable prenatal care and post natal support?

They’re not pro-choice, if this is the case. Choice is about having one. Delivery and keeping the child. Adoption. Abortion. To offer women just one choice is no choice at all.

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Personality Types

Link: Personality Types. Number of different personality tests.

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Link: Mr. Bill!.

Christmas edition. 😉


Happy Christmas!

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God is Still Speaking

Link: God is Still Speaking is the latest UCC ad. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me tear up a bit. A very strong and important message. I hope the networks don’t suppress this one, like they did the last UCC ad. To think that a message of love and acceptance in a Christian church was denied network airtime because of a fear that it is too controversal.

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