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Where’s George?

Where’s George?. Having a great time with that site, right now. I haven’t started stamping my bills, though. Just entering the serial numbers and hoping that someone enters them when they get them.

I should go and explain that Where’s George is a website where you enter the serial numbers of your bills, and then hope that someone who has that bill gets it and enters it. You get to see where your bill has been, how many people got it, and so on.

Maybe I should get a stamp (where you put the URL on) and get more hits.

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Link: Is the Bible the Word of God?.

For future reading. Want to see where they’re going with this.

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Still more fun with Cablevision.

Still can’t log on properly. At least I can get on line to post here, and much around and get mail on all accounts except my optimum one.

I’m on hold now as they try to register my borrowed modem. We’ll see how THAT goes. I can’t wait for them to show up with a new one. I want to get things done NOW.

Let’s see if they will let me use my own modem. (As in the one that is now working here, not the broken VOIP one.)

I should have got Verizon DSL.

Besides, Verizon is unionized, Cablevision hates unions. 😦

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100th Day of School

Today was the 100th day of school, a cause for celebration at my children’s school.

They had exhibits in their museum of 100. (You had to bring in 100 things.) They had 100 Trail Mix. (Items like popcorn, pretzels, nuts, raisins, all mixed in, by 100s.) They made a caravan of school busses, counting by 10s. (Each bus had 10 students.)

Then they made hats. Tally hats. They made hats, going up to 100, counting by fives, tally marks.

The hat was really a band around their head, with the marks around it.

So you know what my husband called it, right?

All together now:



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Best Valentine’s Day Ever

There is only really one that stands out in my mind. It’s really just another day for us, maybe some candy for the kids, a card if we remember, but one day, one card, remains etched on my mind forever.

It was very cute. Two, funny looking monsters with wild hair. I think the hair may have even been glued on, like troll hair. I remember each monster had a heart on a spring, so when you opened the card, these hearts boinged out.

And the words on the card?


And the giver? My dad.

For whatever reason, that card struck me as sooooo awsome and sooooo funny, that I looked at it a lot, played with it a lot, hung onto it. He always remembered Valentine’s Day, always got a bit of chocolate, a stuffed animal, and so on. But for whatever reason, that card has always remained a huge part of my memories of growing up.

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Film Cow

Link: Film Cow. Great video shorts.

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Delicious Library

Link: Delicious Library.

Awsome program to keep track of books, DVDs, etc. It’s AMAZING. Mac only. 😀

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Link: Bonsai Potato – Zen Without the Wait!™.

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Werner Aisslinger – Loft Cube

Link: Werner Aisslinger – Loft Cube.

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Link: Spear’s Specialty Clown Shoes – for Comfort and Quality.

It is what you think it is.

Clown shoes. For clowns. Lots of styles. Really.

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