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Calling in Catholic

Link: New York Daily News – Home – Teachers cut school in holy rift.

I wasn’t suprised about Holy Thursday, but was suprised that schools were open Easter Monday. (I don’t know how important Catholics consider Holy Thursday.)

If we are giving the teachers and students off for Passover, why not Easter Monday? I can’t remember there being school on Easter Monday. Even from a practical standpoint, Easter is a huge holiday for families, and many are out of town, or having huge celebrations that day. It’s as big as Christmas for so many, and going into school on the 26th would be a big deal as well.

Jewish holidays in September are given off — I believe we had one just days after the school year started, this school year.

Why is there such outright discrimination against Christian teachers in New York City? Yes, they get Christmas off — it is a holiday. Good Friday is a holiday for some unions, and many businesses close early. But there appears to be more Jewish holidays than Christian holidays that are observed in the public school sysem.

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Link: City Council Member accuses NY Daily News of ‘manipulating mostly people of color’, because of contest error.

Now, this whole Daily News constest thing sucks. They print the wrong numbers, and people who thought they won, didn’t. It’s awful, I’d be very upset. It would hurt. I believe the fine print protects them from such errors, though.

But to make it a race issue? Why? Politics, of course. He isn’t fooling me.

“The people in this room are hardworking people — nobody here is wearing an Armani suit — people who thought finally, after years of honesty, finally that they would get a piece of the American dream,” Gildin told the crowd, which packed two of the hotel’s meeting rooms.

Gildin is a lawyer involved in all this. You know what? They may be hardworking, but they didn’t work hard to win this contest. They scratched off numbers. If they had to do something like carry a 300 pound sack of rocks up 10 flights and then jump out the window into a vat of fluffernutter, then you can say that they worked hard, and were deserving of the prize.

But if we go by hard work alone, then I should be in a family of millionaires, right about now.

Sorry, life doesn’t work that way, and as the greed continues, I have less and less sympathy for the people who thought they won (some who stupidly started to spend the money already), and more for the Daily News.

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Link: AlterNet: Operation Pocket Full of Wishes.

I felt that the police went overboard, but that the actual act was ridiculous. Is that what some feminists are demanding now? FREE TAMPONS?

Oh, please.

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Women in Refrigerators

Link: Women in Refrigerators.

The way women end up, in comics. Sort of.

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Lost New York

Link: Lost New York, a photographic essay.

Beautiful site.

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When I Grow Up

When I grow up, I want abulldog.

It’s one of my goals, something to look forward to when we’re not renting, maybe out of the city, living happily ever after. A bulldog.

Always did like them, even before I went to Amsterdam (or in spite of).

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Link: HotAIR – Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists.

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