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From last weekend.

If you also go to the main directory, then back down to children, and then to Kayleigh, you will see her latest school picture.

I hope to get more photos in soon, especially of my blonde (ha!) hair.  I can’t figure out what the heck is up with my digital camera, so I’ve just been having CDs made when I drop my film off. 

I wish we had a real photo lab in Dubuque, but I am hoping when I get the Porter’s catalogue, it will have a lab I can send things off to. They actually aren’t that far away from me, all things considered.

After having my mom here last weekend, it just stressed more how wonderful having a car out here would be.  Just having a way to get to and from physical etc. therapy sessions would be worth it!  (F. missed a session of PT and OT because the taxi, which gets twenty dollars EACH WAY, never bothered showing to pick us up.)  Going to fun places too would be awsome, the pumpkin picking was especially great last weekend.  And real picking, not already picked ones in rows where you pick them up and take them to a register.

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Iowa Cornfield

Iowa Cornfield
Originally uploaded by Kibbles.

So lookies, I’m in Iowa now!

Ok, that’s not my HOUSE or anything, but still, a huge difference from NYC.

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Both my kids have fundraisers.

These are my son’s details — his final day for orders is the 28th.

ELEMENTARY is having a fundraiser. You can check out the brochures
online at http://www.GecklerStore.com/store. The group gets profit from the
sale and the seller will receive prize credits. Enter the seller ID
below to begin.

Seller ID: DU6457

My daughter’s final date is Oct 1st.

Her teacher’s name is Teifel or Tiefel or something.


are receiving this e-mail message as part of a brand new fundraising
program. Roosevelt MIddle School – Dubuque, IA is trying to raise money
and you can help by ordering items from one of the catalogs on the
website. All you have to do is click on the link below and start
shopping. The items you order will be delivered to your home. Please
help us if you can. http://www.4SchoolsOnline.com My School Code is : 168450


Please note that there is an easily missed drop down menu for each student’s name — if you dont catch it when you are placing the order, the first kid, Mark A, gets the credit.  I know, because it happened to me.

both of them, number of items, not dollar amount counts the most. So if
you can find something small and affordable that means as much as one
big huge thing.

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Kids with Mark Twain

Kids with Mark Twain
Originally uploaded by Kibbles.

I still can’t think of where to begin with all the changes going on in our lives, so I’ll just leave you guys with a photo taken not too long after we moved to Dubuque (in fact we were still living in a hotel when we took this). This is from a fantastic museum on the Mississippi River. My aunt and uncle gave us a membership and it’s been a blast!

Click on the photo and there are about 5 pictures of the kids on the Flickr site.

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Here I Am

Well, after six months offline, I am finally up and running here in Dubuque, IA.

To catch up those who didn’t get the whole story, NYC just got too damn expensive to live in, and Dubuque, where my husband grew up, looked real nice.  Turns out we lucked out with the school system and healthcare system here, too.

Where we had a system that failed us in NYC, here we have something that has done brilliant things for my children.  Great medical care and education, nice kids, a lower cost of living, lots to do (well ok, NYC had more to do but who the heck could afford it), just an all around great place to be, right now.

Of course there is intense culture shock, which I’ll be sharing…I *still* can’t get over when people say something like, "Oh, what nice kids you have. Do they all have the same dad?"  But I will say I am digging this whole garage sale thing!

I have some photos over at Flickr and hope to update some more.  Right now I have a digital camera that is out of commission, and a film one with no scanner. But now that I have the computer I will see about having the drug store (Hartig) make me CDs.

I’m going to go stand on the balcony and look at the stars over the back yard.  Life can be good here.

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