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Explain this to me

So far I have checked into two places for respite care for my son. (Specialized care for disabled children, people with extra certifications and a willingness to watch disabled kids.)

Both of them will NOT let me pay for it out of pocket.

I am on something called a waiver waiting list, and eventually money will come to pay for respite care. But why can’t I just pay someone for a couple of hours of care? They said they do it, that I can get as little as one hour’s care, so why can’t I pay for it?

What if it turns out my income is too high for waivers? 

Is it so wrong to want to try to pay for something yourself, and is it fair to make me wait for respite care because I am on a waiting list for a grant of some sort?

All I want is someone who can watch my son so I can go to a parent teacher conference or take my other children to the doctor or something like that.  Why must these respite care providers make it so difficult?

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