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Culture Clash

Living in the midwest is hard.

Seeing people use retard and fag as an insult ALL the time drives me nuts. And when my daughter spoke against it, saying her brother is disabled, the kids really found it hysterical.

Things like this get her spit on, and assaulted. The schools answer? Insinuate she’s a tramp (because she dresses modestly and you can see tank tops under shirts she considers too revealing–her principal) and make her sit in the front of the bus. As my husband said, after Rosa Parks, he thought people could sit where they wanted!

Did you know my daughter is a liar because she said we don’t have a car? She was threatened with detention because her homework wasn’t completed, and she was not aware she was supposed to go to the front of the room and tell the teacher. So she is a liar for not understanding the rules in a new community, and a liar for saying detention would be a hardship because we don’t have a car. Silly girl, everyone has a car.

Did you know we live in a ghetto? Well, we do. You see BLACK PEOPLE live near us, and everyone knows that makes our area a ghetto. Or so her tormenters say.

Did you know they have drug dogs in the school here? And for what? To intimidate the kids? There was an article with one of the school board members GLEEFUL that he could intimidate innocent children.  I was horrified at how HAPPY he was at the thought of the kids cowering.

You cannot color your hair, have even fake tatoos, or have rips in your jeans, or ‘shreds’.  You must wear a skirt or dress pants to a dance, boys need buttons on their shirts. Why? Are they intent on matching people up? No wonder there are so many teen pregnancies here, the teachers care more about making everyone look ‘cute’ for dances instead of letting them be themselves.  Their priorities are all wrong.

But then last year I had a principal sweetly say to me "did you leave your husband in NYC because it was a bad situation?" just about accusing him of something like BEATING me. Jerk. And another teacher who swears my high IQ kid has Aspergers because smart kids who prefer reading to TV must be autistic. And the other teacher who kept saying nasty things about NYC and keeping kids apart who bonded. Imagine threatening detention if two kids hung out too much! Oh yeah, they were both from somewhere else.

My boys are getting a great education, and I am almost loathe to leave Dubuque because of this but DAMN the cultural ignorance here just makes me physically ill.

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