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  1. That big thing flying overhead is a Bald Eagle, not something on it’s way to LGA or JFK airport.
  2. My dog isn’t chasing after mice or being chased by rats, but is having arguments with moles.
  3. My daughter gets an invitation to a birthday party with a note asking if she is allergic to cows, hay, straw, or horses.
  4. No Menorahs except for token ones at school and on cards at Borders.
  5. Pipes freezing is a real risk.
  6. I thought it was warm out when it hit 40f.
  7. As long as it is above 0f, the kids will play outdoors during recess, but if I don’t bring snowpants, they can’t play off the blacktop.
  8. The kids go outdoors during recess.
  9. The kids HAVE recess.
  10. The taptaptapping I heard in the yard the other day wasn’t a construction site of condos going up just feet from my front door, but a woodpecker.

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There is a local supermarket called Eagle. Has all the weird things I never saw in NYC, like ham salad and pistachio salad and all these jello-y looking and mayo looking salads in the deli case. And no boars head. Or Italian cold cuts.

But they did have spinach dip. And I love me some spinach dip (got some pita chips too).

I took it home and looked at the ingredient list (its made in the store).

sour cream
<b>veggie soup mix</b>
water chestnuts

Now it’s tasty, but having "veggie soup mix" as an ingredient just makes me giggly.  Not even something like "vegetable soup mix" or "dried onions, salt, dried blahblah, MSG etc". Just veggie soup mix.

Oh, Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.

I’d rather have that though, than the overreaching law in NYC that will be banning trans fats. Now I’m all about eating healthy, but I am NOT about the Nanny state.  Morons.

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