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Backyard Luge

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Icicles on my daughter’s balcony. (New photos up)

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I could have used this in Brooklyn

Lakeshore – [personal] Asian soda taste test panel
A taste test of some of the more unique beverages you’d find in an Asian market.  Ours isn’t big enough to hold drinks that look like frog’s eggs in a can. 😦

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My street is a busy two way street that pretty much runs from the Mississippi River to the West End District of town. Cuts across the city, east to west.

My son’s school bus broke down (before it picked him up) and blocked traffic. It had its lights on. It had an SUV with lights on near it. It also had a cop car with lights flashing near it.

To top it off, it had an officer directing traffic.

Now, as we stood outside waiting for the spare bus to get my son, we got to watch the people who felt that STOP didn’t REALLY mean stop. It meant, perhaps, for the person behind them to stop.  Or that it meant don’t stop until you are a foot away from the cop. Or maybe just kind of slow down to a crawl, instead of stopping. It wasn’t just one moron, there were a bunch of happy little morons out on the road today.

There needed to be a second cop there just to make out tickets. It would have been enough to pay for the NICC bond issue, I swear.

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Campaign on Childhood Mental Illness Succeeds at Being Provocative – New York Times

We have your son. We will make sure he will no longer be able to care for himself or interact socially as long as he lives.

— Autism

So I called the man behind this and told him that my sons are not held hostage. That I knew someone who had her ex husband kidnap their child, and it was horrible. That right now my sons are in school, safe, and learning, and happy.

His contact information if that is at all important to you:


P.S. Doctor, autism is not a mental illness. It is a developmental disability. If it was a mental illness, insurance would cover a lot more than it does.

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Do they have a faux gold one?

DVICE: Gold Pill makes your poop glitter for $425

Or perhaps some diamenelles?

We all already knew my poo didn’t stink, but now I want it to sparkle, too! Not for $425, though.

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I’m brilliant

I made my schedule for Spring 2008, and managed to keep my sons’ therapy schedules (OT/PT/speech) as is — no juggling there.

What I didn’t notice, though, was that on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have two classes on two different campuses. Whoops. I should have plenty of time to get from the downtown class to the one in Peosta (a town outside Dubuque) though.  I was just so busy making sure the kids were ok, that I didn’t notice that.

In the fall, though, I should have more online classes. Right now I have one hybrid (2 hour lecture and the rest online), two downtown, and one in Peosta. Of course the one in Peosta is a 4 credit bio class with lab, so that’s 3 days a week. Ah well. Required.

Hope the way the shuttle runs I spend most of my wait time in Peosta, as the cafeteria there is cheaper than most (if not all) downtown eateries. Yum.

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To be green, they’re going to have to change a few things. Despite all the mayor’s crowing about it, policies keep Dubuque from being as eco friendly as they like to make believe they are.

Let’s take, for example, the public school transportation system.  Right now you must live in the zone for the school AND live more than two miles away.  What kind of system expects a child to walk nearly 4 miles a day, in a place where sub zero temperatures are not unheard of?  Furthermore, as Dubuque is not a walker-focused city, a child walking to school is in very real danger of getting hurt. The light on 22nd and Central, for example, is green for a few seconds. Running does not get you across fast enough. A person should be able to walk, not run, across the street.  Who doesn’t drive? Many elderly and children. Short lights are a danger to them.

If you don’t walk, you can take public transportation. It’s free for children, which is fantastic, but the schedule does not match up with the school schedules. Furthermore, the public transportation ends so early that a child cannot go to a job or an activity after school. No wonder all the high school kids drive!  Some schools don’t even have transportation nearby. If you go to Roosevelt MS, if you miss the school bus, or the city bus, it is a $20 cab ride from the end of its zone.  This is insanity.  Zoning kids from at least 4 miles away when there are schools that are closer? Why?  To ensure they can’t participate in activities? To isolate them from their community?

Then there is RTA. RTA is around $35 a week. This is a huge expense for a family who uses it, especially if more than one child uses it.  They aren’t private rides, for a subsidized government transportation option, it sure is expensive!

Lastly is the most common option. The kid arrives in private car. Either a parent drives them, or they drive if they are old enough.  The most common way to arrive to school is by car. This is not green. This is not eco friendly. This is not the way things should be.

Lower the RTA price. Make the range smaller for school busses. The busses are out already. They are a good way to get a number of students to school without clogging the roads with private cars or the air with exhaust.  Consider expanding public transportation in Dubuque. Anything to lower the amount of cars on the road because of some ridiculous cutoff regarding which children can use a yellow school bus.

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Work Photo


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Dan took a photo at work today, sent it to me. Pretty high, huh.

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Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator. Its Got What Plants Crave Its got Electrolytes. On Sale Now.

*flails madly*

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