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Ted and I had a blast at the Niabi Zoo, despite the WRETCHED weather. More pictures if you click on this one.

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like a bike

Amazon.com: Like a Bike: Sports & Outdoors

I have decided that the world has finally gone over the deep end.

Like a Bikes are wooden bikes, no pedals, for ages 2-5. The concept seems really cool — a great way to learn balance, get around, and so on. In fact, I wanted to show my son’s physical therapist what they were the next time I see her.

And then, then I priced them.

$300. THREE HUNDRED SMACKAROONIS. For a child’s toy bike.

I’m all for getting my kids good stuff, especially sports type equipment. Safe, substantial, decently built. I don’t like skimping there. But here is a difference between buying quality and GOING OUT OF YOUR MIND WITH WHO KNOWS WHAT and spending $300 on a bike, no, not even a bike, a half-a-bike, somehing that is like-a-bike.

There are already copies for about $100. If the Like-a-Bike was $100, it could be excused. Three hundred? I can think of a lot of better things to spend it on for the kid. It’s for the other parents, I think, not for the child, when you’ve come down to $300 toy vehicles for your child.

I don’t even think those idiotic motorized jeeps cost that much, seriously.

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Cute Shoes

TOMS Shoes. For every pair you buy, they donate a pair to a child that needs them.

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Talk To Me Technologies

My son’s Chatbox 40 XT was ordered! Not only is Talk to Me Technologies getting us the Chatbox, we are also getting our own copy of Boardmaker, we are getting a laminating machine, too!  We will be able to use everything right away!

The trial period was great, and this is the perfect device for my son.  They had a lot of options but they helped us pick the one that was just right for my son at this moment in time, and one that will grow with him. It is really a fantastic piece of equipment, and we are looking forward to using it, the sooner the better!

We’re really excited. I’m sure Ted will be so happy to get his ‘voice’ back!

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Court turns down Chinese man’s asylum claim

I guess this nation being rabidly pro-life only counts within our borders!

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Parents are autism’s hidden victims

Children have autism, but parents are often invisible casualties. Their child’s disorder ricochets through their lives, breaking up marriages, draining bank accounts and robbing them of sleep. University of Washington researchers found these parents, among all with disabled children, suffer the highest levels of depression and anxiety symptoms, and parenting stress.

I think that everyone who may know the parent of an autistic child should read this.

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Moss Acres – Gardening with moss and growing moss

I wonder if I could do this in certain patches of my yard; I already have some moss growing, and if instead of just having it, I could pick the kind I like and design with it, it would look lovely.

I already planted a LOT of wildflowers, and started with some grasses and other more ‘cover’ type stuff.  I’m tired of pansies and petunias.  My veg garden is 3-4x as big as last year.

The whole lawn thing is getting old.  I’ll still have one, but I need more. I want a garden AND a yard. Not just a yard, you know?

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Taco John’s

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Doesn’t like disabled people. Even tried to contact management. Got nowhere. Ignored it. Don’t go there, anymore. Would have been nice if they made an attempt to be conciliatory, but they wouldn’t. So, we had to redo Ted’s routine, and find other places for him to have his treats. He likes the walk to Hardee’s, and KFC is next to Taco John’s.

It’s a shame, really, we liked their food, a lot. Now I’m afraid that they would spit in it. I can’t ever trust them again.

I *really* have to find a nearby Mexican place with takeout. I miss it.

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A Meme

I got this from a friend, a talented artist and talented art teacher. I broke it up like that because she’s shared, now and again, the work of students, and what she has shared has been inspired and fantastic and wonderful. You don’t do that by handing out paper and crayons to kids, thats for sure!  Oh and I poked around where she got this from, too, this meme has done some traveling.  So here goes!

What I was doing ten years ago:
Living on Ocean Parkway, in Brooklyn
Had just one kid, my daughter was a toddler
Wasn’t sure what I wanted to be when I grew up, or anything, really

Five things on my to do list today:
Study for my public speaking final
Work on one of the 5 essays for psych class
Color my hair (maybe)
Write letter to financial aid office to fix error
Work on figuring out WTF is wrong with NYS and why they won’t give us our refund

Things I would do If I were a billionaire:

Get a staff consisting of nanny, housekeeper, driver, things like that
Help close family members pay off their homes
Start a foundation to teach kids etiquette, including taking them out someplace nice after lessons, and including a bit of a wardrobe update. Have them feel special and important.
New home but still in Dubuque
Start riding horses again

Three of my bad habits:
Biting my nails
Stuffing my face with junk

Five Places I’ve lived:
Brooklyn, NY
Frankfurt, Germany
London, England
Long Island
Dubuque, Iowa

Five Jobs I’ve Had:
Sales Assistant (as in for a broker)
Pizzeria work

Five books I’ve recently read:
A Quaker Book of Wisdom
Articulate! (For Public Speaking)
My Psych textbook
My Biology textbook
Landscaping Revolution: Garden With Mother Nature, Not Against Her!

Ok, five of you do this, my battery is dying.

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