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If you’re a parent with a child on the spectrum, you’ve probably responded to the same annoying remarks and questions a thousand times. Here’s a handy list of responses that…you’ll probably never use out loud (but are fun to imagine using)!

via Top 10 snappy answers to annoying comments about autism | Autism Support Network.

I need to memorize these…

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Lasagne Garden

IMG_3410 by Kibbles
IMG_3410, a photo by Kibbles on Flickr.

Take a spot. wall it off/put a border around it, whatever works for you. Put a layer of cardboard down. Then a layer of newspaper. Then straw. Then compost, topsoil, whatever you’re going to plant in. Don’t have to till the lawn up underneath it, by time you plant and the roots grow down hopefully you’ll have the papery stuff degrading, plus of course the stuff won’t grow up thru it (including weeds). Oh, and don’t forget to water after each layer!

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Blacksmith Days

IMG_3394 by Kibbles
IMG_3394, a photo by Kibbles on Flickr.

Had a blast at the Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium, at their annual Blacksmith Days. Lots of free activities and the weather was great!

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Hail by Kibbles
Hail, a photo by Kibbles on Flickr.

It hailed, we lost power. Intense storm. More photos in gallery. Click!

Via Flickr:
In front of the car headlight. We had no power.

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