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Update on iPad

We have a very strong lead, thanks to the internet community of people. Thank you and I will keep everyone posted!

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Last month, Ted’s ipad went missing. Since Dan wasn’t working, we couldn’t replace it, until today. I downloaded his stuff on the new one from the icloud thing, and found THREE VIDEOS by the thief (or child of). PLEASE pass this on. The ipad was Ted’s way of communicating (we have an app called TapSpeak). He’s been lost without it. Even though we replaced it, there was plenty of contact info on the ipad. They could have got it back to is. PLEASE help us find this family. IF you’re in Dubuque especially PLEASE PASS THIS ON. The most recent 3 videos are the kid with the ipad. PLEASE HELP US.

With more digging into the ipad, we found an email address for the person who has it, too.  It was obvious it belonged to a child because of the apps on it. There were also apps that had the word AUTISM in the title.  Lastly, besides the communications software, there were other apps that would indicate that it belonged to someone who had some sort of disability or cognitive problems.  The parents of this kid had to know. They knew enough to turn off FIND MY IPHONE, but not enough to realize I had it automatically sending stuff to icloud.

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Political Correctness

I was thinking about the Tosh joke about rape, the R word, the N word, other slurs, other things people say, and their attitude about people taking things too seriously, about political correctness gone awry, and I just want to address that.

I want people to think about what they say. I want to ask them, “Are you an adult? How did your parents raise you? Are you proud to be rude, to be disrespectful? Do you have family? I mean, this is really all about human decency. How do you wake up in the morning and think, “I like treating people like shit, I like looking like a boorish, ill mannered, classless turd.” How do you look at loved ones and think, “I am a person my parents, my grandparents, my siblings, my children can be proud of!” If you’re defending people like this, and you’re saying that people are too sensitive, and making stupid remarks about tampons, you’re really a pretty trashy person. You’re like a Jerry Springer reject, a reality TV show wanna be. You’re not a decent human being. It’s not about being ‘politically correct’. It’s about being a civilized human being.”

And that’s pretty much my take on the subject, beyond the myriad of reasons why people shouldn’t do or say certain things, it all boils down to that. Are you a jerk, or not? Are you an adult, or not? Were you raised right, or not?

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