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I say you might as well buy a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap.

You get your advice, your platitudes, but you also get clean. Self help books? No practical use, for the most part.

So save your money, save the planet, and buy soap.

I like the peppermint, myself. It’s so tingly!

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You know what?

I think people should just make their own dancing videos like that. In their own home town. And then upload them together. As great as Matt is, why can’t we do it without him?

What do you think?  Upload ’em all as replies to Matt’s videos on youtube.

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APOD: 2008 July 22 – Happy People Dancing on Planet Earth

Dancing Matt made Astronomy Picture of the Day.

I want to know, here, what makes you happy.  One thing. More, if you want, but I want to see a big huge thread of people, even strangers, telling me what makes them happy. I want a happy blog. I want happy people. I want to see what makes people all over the world happy.

Pass this on, if you will, to me this is better than sending me money via Paypal, or clicking on ads I don’t have or whatever.  As much as I would like people to click on photos and go OOO and AAHHH or comment and other things that boost my virtual ego,  I think having a post of people from all over telling me what makes them happy would be something I can always look back upon to make me smile when I need it.

Bookmark this, if you want, if there are good happy thoughts here.  You can use it for a boost, too.

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It’s beautiful, it’s wonderous, it is GLORIOUS.  Best thing I’ve come across on the internet in a LONG time.

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PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics: Mineral Makeup and Natural Beaty Cosmetics

I’m going to be checking them out! I was looking for nail polish, and this company came up. Anyone have any experiences?

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