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One of the first apps I got on my son’s iPad was something I wanted for myself. The Monster at the End of This Book was one of my favorite books growing up.  When I saw it was at the iPad store, and it still had Grover, and not Elmo (which they had when my daughter was the age for this), I had to download it!

It keeps true to story, and is interactive in a seamless, appropriate manner.  It encourages the child to be involved in the story, in subtle ways. If they still don’t get what to do on a page, Grover will hint, building up the hints until the work is done.  He does it in a way, though, that suits the story. “Whatever you do, don’t touch that. Not that corner over there. That will make the page turn. You don’t want to turn the page!” Things like that, and maybe a bit of a flicker or flash to show where the child should touch.

My son is completely non-verbal, and can’t really read much at all.  He’s never been interested in reading, either.  He’ll look at I Spy books, or flip through something with a character he likes, but not much more than that.  After a while, though, Ted would read along with the book, running his finger under each word as it was said. Each word comes on the page one at a time as Grover says it, and he’s really starting to learn the relationship between what is said and what the word looks like. That interaction is probably helping him read more than the constant drilling we’ve done over the years in school, in therapy, and in the home.  He reads it every night before going to bed.  He also is engaged with it more than most other apps, without perseverating on it, reading it over and over for hours on end.  It’s also made a great reward for his educators and his therapists, because he will work for enough stars to have time with this app.

I’ve seen a number of children’s e-books, and apps based on children’s books. This is probably our favorite, and save for a handful of others, one of the better crafted ones. You can tell that not only did the software developers know what they were doing, educators and other professionals who know about development of literacy skills and children were involved. All the little touches not only make this app more enjoyable, but are a great way to help an emerging reader.

This award-winning app is $3.99 at the Apple App  store.

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Success Made Simple

I’ll admit, part of my interest in the Amish is the surprisingly frequent confusion between Quakers and Amish. I mean, look at me, do I look Amish to you? And yet I’ve had people tell me “I guess you are fine in the blackout, you’re used to living without electricity.” So, yeah.

If I link to this blog entry, then I enter to win a book. The really cool thing is that I now found a new blog to read! So even if I don’t get the book, I’m pretty happy that I’m posting this.


Off to read a bit more at A Joyful Chaos.

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It’s not just Harry Potter that has kids crazed, begging their parents for preorders, and hoping to stay up to go to book release parties.  This Twilight series has kids (girls?) going nuts, too.

I just preordered Breaking Dawn, and we might go to the midnight party at River Lights (Second Edition) to get our copy.  It’s crazy, but in a way it’s crazy NOT to encourage enthusiasm for reading.  When our eldest was born in 1995, who would have thought that part of her social life would have included parties for books? And that the hottest thing to get isn’t new sneakers, or jeans, but a new book?

Not too bad, if you ask me.

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Link: Lulu.com – Self Publishing – Free.

Self publishing, no set up fees.

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The Gashlycrumb Tinies

Link: The Gashlycrumb Tinies.

Oooh poor little children. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

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Bad Moons Rising

Link: Bad Moons Rising. Pictures in children’s books that are inaccurate when it comes to portrayal of phases of the moon.

Yes, someone actually compiled such a list.

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Link: elizabethgold.com.

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I Did It: My Life After Megabucks is a book a friend of mine wrote. Great guy. Fantastic guy.

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There is an interactive game for it. . .Waiting for Godot: The Interactive Adventure. A game for my more intellectual friends. Give it a try!

Elvis Costello, Radio Radio

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Captain Underpants!

The children’s book series, Captain Underpants, now has an interactive Do It Yourself Comic.

I had fun, and I’m 35.

Maybe I’m just easily amused?

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