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I made this video today, based on actual conversations over the years.


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Friends, I am pleased to announce that the second annual International Talk Like a Quaker Day will soon be here. On the 24th day of Tenth Month (or October for those not using plain speech), Friends will talk…like Quakers. This day parallels International Talk Like a Pirate Day but is much more peaceful.

Example of ways to speak that day:
Friend, thy foreign policy ideas are not in keeping with the Peace Testimony.
Today is Sixth Day.
I will go to Meeting on First Day.
I feel a Leading to use plain speech today.
No, I do not wear a bonnet. Yes, I do have electricity at home.

International Talk Like a Quaker Day also happens to be United Nations Day and William Penn’s birthday. If Friends feel lead to also act Quakerly on this day, so much the better. Thee can even put thy plain speech to good use by letting your elected officials know that you oppose war. Go to http://www.fcnl.org if you live in the United States.

Please feel free to spread the word if thee feels so moved by the Spirit.

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You can tell my nine year old has that bit of geek in him.

Today, I went to buy him a toothbrush. One that plays a song when it touches your teeth. The entire song is how long you should take brushing.

When I got home, I teased him. “I got you a new toothbrush,” I told him, “one that plays songs from High School Musical!”

“Ewww, NO!”

“I’m kidding, I think I got the Cheetah Girls.”


“Actually, I got you The Theme from Rocky.”

“You got me a Stephen Hawking toothbrush? AWESOME!”

(He thought I said “I got you A Stephen Hawking” not “I got you the Theme from Rocky”.)

So yeah, my son knows who Stephen Hawking is, but not too clear on the Rocky thing.

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Cute Cats

Link: Cute Cat Stuff

You know, that I’m in UR meme thing.  A particularly good collection. 🙂

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Link: Are you trying to be funny? If so check [ ] this box | The Register.

A new way to tag things.  😀

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Le nuquomathon

Link: Le nuquomathon.

Just a fun little generator, I can’t translate so just have fun with the drop down menus.

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Link: Shit v. Shinola: The Definitive Battle!.

The difference between shit and shinola.  Clearly defined, once and for all.

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