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Has anyone here heard of Angie’s List? I recently joined, and in the Dubuque area, memberships are FREE. Angie’s List is like Yelp, but focuses on contractors and medical professionals. To build up their base, they need more members to write more reviews.

If you’d like an invite (I get M&Ms if you use my invite to join), drop me a line. Even if you aren’t in the area, ask for an invite — your area might also be a charter area, too, offering free membership, or you may simply think this service is worth the fee. Check it out!

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I’ve decided to start doing reviews for Yelp! I was always disappointed that there weren’t enough reviews there for my liking, and realized the only way to get reviews up there was to do some myself.

So my URL there is http://www.kibblesbits.yelp.com if you want to see my opinion on stuff, beyond what I write here.  My first review is for Pizza Ranch in Dubuque.  And if anyone reading this wants to add me, go ahead!

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I say you might as well buy a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap.

You get your advice, your platitudes, but you also get clean. Self help books? No practical use, for the most part.

So save your money, save the planet, and buy soap.

I like the peppermint, myself. It’s so tingly!

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<SCRIPT type=”text/javascript” src=”http://www.kiva.org/banners/bannerBlock.php?busId=62770&#8243; language=”javascript”></SCRIPT>

That was fun! And the minimums are tiny — just $25 to get in.

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sinkpositive water saving sink

I have an upstairs toilet. My main bathroom is downstairs. Upstairs is just something closet sized, with just a toilet.  No sink. A light, and a very old toilet that needs replacing. It is so old it is Harvest Gold and Avacado Green. Really.

I saw this, the sink on top of the tank, and realized it would make the upstairs emergency bathroom much more functional! It is a sink on top of the tank, uses the water straight from the source, and then drains into the tank, filling it.

So not only do I now have ROOM for a sink, it is a money saver, and it’s green, too!  I’m pretty happy, it seems to be just in the $100 range, which is more than reasonable to add a sink AND save water.

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Parents are autism’s hidden victims

Children have autism, but parents are often invisible casualties. Their child’s disorder ricochets through their lives, breaking up marriages, draining bank accounts and robbing them of sleep. University of Washington researchers found these parents, among all with disabled children, suffer the highest levels of depression and anxiety symptoms, and parenting stress.

I think that everyone who may know the parent of an autistic child should read this.

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Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

Originally uploaded by Kibbles

This is from playing around with a new website, http://www.picnik.com — it’s fun!

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Testing something

Onion’s “blog this” button. Very sad little piece, by the way.

Daddy Put In Bye-Bye Box

The Onion

Daddy Put In Bye-Bye Box

ITHACA, NY—”I’m going to be the big boy of the house until he gets back,” said 5-year-old Ryan Lewis, whose daddy now resides in a cool underground fort.

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Wow, I had a long post about microcredit, and it disappeared. (THANKS NORTON!)

Should I just say it’s really cool to loan money to people who need it, in amounts as small as $25, to make a difference in their lives? And that it seems like there is a pretty low default rate? And that most seem to pay back in 12-18 months? And it seems to change their lives? That about sums it up.

Kiva - loans that change lives

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PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics: Mineral Makeup and Natural Beaty Cosmetics

I’m going to be checking them out! I was looking for nail polish, and this company came up. Anyone have any experiences?

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