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This link makes it appear as if despite all our complaints, more people move TO Chicago than FROM Chicago, here in Dubuque. Interesting map on the comings and goings of residents, from one county to another, all over the country.

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TH – Local News Article.

Explain to me why a woman with failing brakes gets cited for failing to stop — as if things weren’t bad enough, she is being treated like a criminal?

And yet they told me outright they KNOW who robbed me, and they have yet to do anything about it.

They’re ok, but they are REALLY into citing people who have been in accidents, with things like this (this, or failure to control a vehicle, usually if you skid on ice and wind up in a ditch).  It’s just a way to generate revenue in the city, I suppose.

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Earlier this week I woke up to my driver’s side window smashed in (by a spark plug, apparently a common way of breaking car windows quietly and quickly).  My GPS, which I normally take in every night, was stolen.  I was supposed to go out for one more drive, but Ted wanted to walk, instead, and after the walk I put him to bed and forgot about the GPS. (And my backpack AND my radio.)

I have an idea who did it — waiting for the police to finish their investigation.  There was one person who rode in my car, who knew all about it, who was curious about it, and the first day it is left in, it’s gone. A family that always asks for money and items.  Who knew too much about other things. Most importantly, I was woken up twice by noise from their door that night — they claim no one was up and about.  A bunch of other thoughts too, but for now, there is nothing I can do.

The police who responded, and the investigators I spoke to later on in the day, were absolutely brilliant.  They made something scary and upsetting, bearable.  I didn’t expect so much attention and concern, it was a pleasant suprise.

Dealing with Progressive was pleasant too, although my deductible is rather high, and I wound up paying out of pocket. But they found me a local division of Safelite, which is prompt, affordable, and on site.  The GPS was not covered, though, as it wasn’t a permanent part of the car. (That’s being taken care of though, at least.)

I am very disappointed that this happened in a place I moved to that I went in with bright expectations about safety.  I let my guard down a little bit.  I should have known better. What bothers me the most, though, is I’ve done a bit to help this family out, and support them in ways I could, and it felt like “no good deed goes unpunished”.  Plus they knew that I wasn’t rolling in cash.  That I couldn’t help them too much because I had my own tight budget to adhere to.

However, given the outpouring of support from family, friends, and community, if this is my punishment, keep it coming.  Although I am still rattled, and this hit me at a time where I really didn’t need to get a (financial) hit, in ways I’m better off than I was before it happened. I found support and caring from places I didn’t expect it, and had other parts of my network re-affirm how wonderful they really are.

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I think I posted a while back about the nonsense they presented as sex ed to my daughter.  False information about condoms, and made the girls responsible for everything, like they were dirty whores, and if they should get pregnant, they should give it up.  Sounded like a plan to get more cute white babies for adoption, to be honest.  (Another pro-life organization in Dubuque is very good at getting help for women who want to continue their pregnancy, and I respect them for that.)

Well now, on 105.3, they ran a radio ad where they said RU-486 was the Morning After Pill, and that you should come to THEM for the truth.

I’m checking with the FCC about filing a complaint (filled one out on the website), and anywhere else that handles lying during advertising.  And to think the Dubuque Community Schools financially supports them in their endeavors.

They lied to our children and now they are lying to us.  This HAS to stop.

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My son came home waving a piece of paper, on school (not district) letterhead.  This was from the school counsellor, who explained everything clearly, and in detail.  This was very reassuring, and it was given so we could talk to our children, it encouraged us to do so honestly and openly.

Furthermore, he left the door open for more questions.  I like this man and his approach.  Now that I learned that the incident was ten minutes long, something the newspaper did not mention, I feel more comfortable with the fact that they did not call.

I still believe my son is in EXCELLENT hands and will be sad when he gradutes from that wonderful and nurturing environment.

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TH – Local News Article.

One of those is my son’s school. Don’t you think they should call the parents and let us know, give us a head’s up? If only to deal with the possible emotional ramifications of it all?

I mean, I dealt with having my daughter in school on 9/11, in Brooklyn. And she wasn’t near it, so of course that helped a little bit.  But this (the Dubuque incident) was right there, and they had good reason to be concerned.  But now parents have to help their kids process it.

If they told the kids, they may be rattled. If the kids see it in the paper and they were NOT told, they’ll feel betrayed by the adults who take care of them in school. Either way, parents and guardians have to deal with this.

I hope they at least have a note going home with them, in case some parents didn’t get the news by time they see their children.

I love that school and wouldn’t change, but I would have liked to be in the loop.

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That whole thing a while back about the dog barking in their car for a while?

Neighbor said that ANOTHER neighbor had a dog chained in the back, was barking, and the police took the dog. So it wasn’t a police dog (which I guess made sense, I didn’t think police dogs worked at night in patrol cars) but a dog they picked up, supposedly.

Why animal control didn’t pick up the dog I don’t know. Maybe they don’t work overnight in this small city?

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