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. . .oh, not anyone in particular, just a website where you can search to find out “whatever happened to” and “where are they now”.

There are a TON of people there. Political people, business people, pop stars, musicians, actors and actresses, people from the news. . .all sorts of stuff.

I will probably be there until my 3:30am post!

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Last time I wanted to show this to you, I gave you Dita instead.

Well, I’ve decided that the My Pet Fat website is just too good to miss, and I am going to share it with you. Aren’t you THRILLED?

Thought so.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend $15 (plus shipping) on this?
mypetfatTM consists of a 1oz. replica of body fat and a set of thoughts that are called mind stretches. Together, they are the mypetfatTM program.

They have it in up to 5 pound blocks of fat.

Meanwhile, when I lose 5 pounds, why doesn’t it look like that big a chunk is missing from my body? No fair.

Maybe I should join the military so I could get free liposuction.

The commanding officer has to approve the time off for any soldier who is having surgery. For most procedures, there’s at least a ten-day recovery period, and while soldiers are recuperating they’re on paid medical leave rather than vacation.

Good to know our tax dollars go towards cosmetic surgery and they get paid medical leave for it, too!

I can understand the military needing to practice cosmetic surgery, for reconstructive work. (Sources in the article dispute the usefulness of what the military is offering, when it comes to reconstructive work, though.) I can understand the same for breast implants. Soldiers and dependents can get breast cancer. But liposuction? Purely cosmetic? What do military doctors have to practice that for? Insurance won’t pay for it, medicare won’t pay for it, why are we paying for it?

Is it an incentive? Why not raise the salaries of the people in the military, so everyone gets something, instead of those who want cosmetic work done?

Although, honestly, who wants someone to practice cosmetic surgery on them. Yikes.

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Free Stuff!

A friend showed me this site, but I haven’t tried it. They might have, though.

Still the concept sounds good. Apparently companies throw out bulbs and plants, and this company hires the disabled to take these plants and bulbs, and package them. Then they send you the stuff for a shipping and handling fee, which is $6.95 per unit.

Sounds like a good idea, and if I wind up ordering, I’ll let you know how it turned out. And if anyone has ordered from them, let me know!

(Toonage — One burbon, one scotch, one beer. Sounds like a plan. In 6 more hours.)

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It’s got an interactive Tartan weaver. And you can actually buy what you design.

And just what I need now, a techno remix of Bittersweet Symphony. As if the Red Bull/Cola/Cappuchino from tonight wasn’t making me tense enough.

Six and a half hours to go. I should make it. Right?

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typoGenerator_1090729593You know when people make graphics for their sites, using seemingly random letters and soft backgrounds layered on each other?

Well there is a site called typoGenerator that will take your text, overlay it over some images it found in Google related to the text you typed in. The layers are blended so you can’t quite see stuff clearly, and the results can be rather nice.

The image in this post was from the site. Click on the thumbnail for a larger version. I’ll also stick it in Project Blog’s gallery for my records.

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Live Desktop

If you want to see what I am doing, check out this link, it has a feed of my desktop, live.

If it doesn’t work, drop me a line.

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Sex. I’ll post something sexy. I just couldn’t blog about My Pet Fat, I couldn’t.

So instead I will link to a Dita Von Teese video for Agent Provocateur. Naughty naughty Mr. President.

If you’re too young to see this, GO TO BED. It’s late.

Obviously not safe for work. Or kids. Really good video, I have the song stuck in my head.

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I live in Sheepshead Bay. It’s a lovely little area in Brooklyn. The link goes to a huge gallery of local photos I took, including the original of the gorgeous sunset I posted in my Project Blog gallery over on the right, there.

Sometimes my daughter goes fishing, on the Sea Queen. Of all the boats, I think I like their fleet the best, I guess because I know the owners and people who work on the boat and you couldn’t find nicer, more down to earth people in all of Sheepshead Bay. And I trust them with my daughter’s life — I was a bit worried the first time she went out on a party fishing boat, but now, doesn’t worry me a bit. Last time she went it was a bit rainy and for a moment I thought “oh, my poor girl, out on the ocean like that” but then I remembered who she was with, and where she was, and felt better.

She’s had no luck with fish though, to be honest, but her friend, a couple of years younger, got her first bass the other day! Pretty cool, I think.

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Forgotten New York is an amazing website, full of history and photos and weird and unique things in NYC.

Subway history, abandoned stations, old tracks.

Cemeteries, old ones, ones still used

They even have my street on it, but I won’t tell you guys which one!

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The Herobuilders website has a Jesus that recites the ten commandments (in a voice more forceful than I would imagine Him having). A talking British Ally (why can’t they call him Tony Blair?) There are also non talking figures too, like a Chirac (with an optional French Maid outfit) or a Michael Jackson dangling a baby out a window.

What intrigues me the most, though, is their Anti Terrorist Clothing, which they will be unveiling August 1st. I can’t wait to see what they will have then.

(Can it be any more tasteless than the dual-headed Uday? One normal, one bloody? Gotta hear the sound clip for the bloody headed one!)

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