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I don’t listen to the radio anymore. In the car, maybe, if someone has one on, but that is it. Maybe if cleaning I will put the music on directv if it is closer than my computer. . .but I bought decent speakers for my computer because I can get better music there, and get more exposure to artists I never heard of before, or heard of but could never find.

Radio Crystal Blue is a good example of online radio that plays stuff to expand your musical tastes, expand your brain. I swear that brains rot from lack of stimulation, and that includes musical stimulation. You’re not going to break out of your rut, grow wings, if you listen to the same pop crap day in and day out. Take a look at past playlists! Or even better, LISTEN. You can listen live or when there isn’t something going on, can listen to past shows. (There are interviews, too, not just music.)

He also books bands, for those of you in NYC.

The mailing list is lively but not spammy. I recommend joining it to keep updated. (I’m one of those that needs constant reminders of things. Mailing lists are GOOD.)

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Fan art can be really bad. Making non anime things anime-ish kind of bugs me. Crazy pairings of characters boggles my mind.

But nothing, NOTHING prepared me for the horrors of a site that has pregnant Snape anime fan art. Nothing at all.

Hey, if I have to suffer at 4am, so do you!

I am almost afraid to see what I will be posting the next few hours.

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Virtual bubblewrap.

As you can tell I can barely read now, if this is how I am now entertaining myself.

Thing is, if I recall correctly, there is more than one site like this!

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. . .oh, not anyone in particular, just a website where you can search to find out “whatever happened to” and “where are they now”.

There are a TON of people there. Political people, business people, pop stars, musicians, actors and actresses, people from the news. . .all sorts of stuff.

I will probably be there until my 3:30am post!

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Last time I wanted to show this to you, I gave you Dita instead.

Well, I’ve decided that the My Pet Fat website is just too good to miss, and I am going to share it with you. Aren’t you THRILLED?

Thought so.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend $15 (plus shipping) on this?
mypetfatTM consists of a 1oz. replica of body fat and a set of thoughts that are called mind stretches. Together, they are the mypetfatTM program.

They have it in up to 5 pound blocks of fat.

Meanwhile, when I lose 5 pounds, why doesn’t it look like that big a chunk is missing from my body? No fair.

Maybe I should join the military so I could get free liposuction.

The commanding officer has to approve the time off for any soldier who is having surgery. For most procedures, there’s at least a ten-day recovery period, and while soldiers are recuperating they’re on paid medical leave rather than vacation.

Good to know our tax dollars go towards cosmetic surgery and they get paid medical leave for it, too!

I can understand the military needing to practice cosmetic surgery, for reconstructive work. (Sources in the article dispute the usefulness of what the military is offering, when it comes to reconstructive work, though.) I can understand the same for breast implants. Soldiers and dependents can get breast cancer. But liposuction? Purely cosmetic? What do military doctors have to practice that for? Insurance won’t pay for it, medicare won’t pay for it, why are we paying for it?

Is it an incentive? Why not raise the salaries of the people in the military, so everyone gets something, instead of those who want cosmetic work done?

Although, honestly, who wants someone to practice cosmetic surgery on them. Yikes.

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Free Stuff!

A friend showed me this site, but I haven’t tried it. They might have, though.

Still the concept sounds good. Apparently companies throw out bulbs and plants, and this company hires the disabled to take these plants and bulbs, and package them. Then they send you the stuff for a shipping and handling fee, which is $6.95 per unit.

Sounds like a good idea, and if I wind up ordering, I’ll let you know how it turned out. And if anyone has ordered from them, let me know!

(Toonage — One burbon, one scotch, one beer. Sounds like a plan. In 6 more hours.)

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It’s got an interactive Tartan weaver. And you can actually buy what you design.

And just what I need now, a techno remix of Bittersweet Symphony. As if the Red Bull/Cola/Cappuchino from tonight wasn’t making me tense enough.

Six and a half hours to go. I should make it. Right?

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