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Blaming autism on vaccines is irresponsible at best, dangerous for personal and public heath at worst.

Bad Science does what they do — clear up ‘bad science’.  And now they’re getting sued.


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Went fossil hunting, squid fossil hunting, in Graf, IA with my biology class from NICC. It was a BLAST. Took a bunch of pics from there. It was a tiny town, population 78, I think wikipedia said. I wish the weather had been a bit nicer, though.

On the right hand side of the picture was a small bluff, filled with fossils. You were surrounded by then. I cannot express how dense the site was with fossils.

I hope when I drive I can take the kids. That would be fantastic! My son was so excited to see I brought REAL fossils home. I like to see kids that excited about science.

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Dynamo Green Keyboard – I Want One Of Those

Absolutely brilliant; a keyboard that makes electricity to power your computer.  Your typing generates power!

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Link: The Time Traveler Convention – May 7, 2005.

Hey, this could be important. You never know!

So if you are reading this in the future, would you kindly pop back to the convention?

That would be really awsome. 😀

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Link: Wired News: Flaccid Flowers Bloom on Viagra.

Imagine the spam in your inbox advertising THAT.

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Link: HotAIR – Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists.

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Link: Test to determine a whether a stroke is happening-Truth!.

* ask the individual to smile.
* ask him or her to raise both arms.
* ask the person to speak a simple sentence.

Read the link for details.

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