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You know what?

I think people should just make their own dancing videos like that. In their own home town. And then upload them together. As great as Matt is, why can’t we do it without him?

What do you think?  Upload ’em all as replies to Matt’s videos on youtube.

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A *really* good read!

Twelve Pounds: On being ‘the first girl’ whatever
For ten years I was a welder and bridge carpenter for the Piledrivers union. That is some serious hard work. A large part of the job consisted of packing lumber. Sixteen-foot-long 2X4s. You were expected to carry at least two at a time, and trot with them. Or singlehandedly lift and carry 4X8 sheets of 3/8 inch plywood. All day. Or 50lb. sacks of grout, or 98lb sacks of cement. You get the picture. There were jackhammers and bottle racks and welding machinery to be operated and moved. Nothing was small and nothing was light. A lot of men couldn’t hack it. To be female and do that work you have to be one motivated chimp. And I was. I’m also gigantic, but I still had to prove on every job that I was up to the work.

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Gallery of the Absurd

Link: Gallery of the Absurd.

An entertaining blog by a celebrity artist. As in art OF celebrities. Not by one.

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Blogathon 2005

Link: Blogathon 2005.

I’m staying up all night again!  Next weekend, I’ll be blogging for the American Friends Service Committee. 

The American Friends Service Committee carries out service,
development, social justice, and peace programs throughout the world.
Founded by Quakers in 1917 to provide conscientious objectors with an
opportunity to aid civilian war victims, AFSC’s work attracts the
support and partnership of people of many races, religions, and

To sponsor me, you go to the blogathon website and sign up through there — but after the blogathon, you send your money DIRECTLY to the AFSC.  I’m just here to try to raise some money!

Last year was a success raising money for a hospice, and I hope to continue in that tradition this year.

And if you can’t sponsor me, at least stick around and comment, help keep me up! The last couple of hours really drained me last year, so I do appreciate the company.

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My Boring Ass Life

Link: My Boring Ass Life.

Kevin’s Smith’s blog.

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New Google Ads

Trying, on the left, something new with Google. Not sure how it will pan out but at least it looks less invasive. I don’t want to clutter up the site but I also want to help make it self sufficient. But if this new ad thing works I’ll probably use it for all my sites. I think it looks a little bit better…

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