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I say you might as well buy a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap.

You get your advice, your platitudes, but you also get clean. Self help books? No practical use, for the most part.

So save your money, save the planet, and buy soap.

I like the peppermint, myself. It’s so tingly!

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Friends, I am pleased to announce that the second annual International Talk Like a Quaker Day will soon be here. On the 24th day of Tenth Month (or October for those not using plain speech), Friends will talk…like Quakers. This day parallels International Talk Like a Pirate Day but is much more peaceful.

Example of ways to speak that day:
Friend, thy foreign policy ideas are not in keeping with the Peace Testimony.
Today is Sixth Day.
I will go to Meeting on First Day.
I feel a Leading to use plain speech today.
No, I do not wear a bonnet. Yes, I do have electricity at home.

International Talk Like a Quaker Day also happens to be United Nations Day and William Penn’s birthday. If Friends feel lead to also act Quakerly on this day, so much the better. Thee can even put thy plain speech to good use by letting your elected officials know that you oppose war. Go to http://www.fcnl.org if you live in the United States.

Please feel free to spread the word if thee feels so moved by the Spirit.

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It’s beautiful, it’s wonderous, it is GLORIOUS.  Best thing I’ve come across on the internet in a LONG time.

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sinkpositive water saving sink

I have an upstairs toilet. My main bathroom is downstairs. Upstairs is just something closet sized, with just a toilet.  No sink. A light, and a very old toilet that needs replacing. It is so old it is Harvest Gold and Avacado Green. Really.

I saw this, the sink on top of the tank, and realized it would make the upstairs emergency bathroom much more functional! It is a sink on top of the tank, uses the water straight from the source, and then drains into the tank, filling it.

So not only do I now have ROOM for a sink, it is a money saver, and it’s green, too!  I’m pretty happy, it seems to be just in the $100 range, which is more than reasonable to add a sink AND save water.

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like a bike

Amazon.com: Like a Bike: Sports & Outdoors

I have decided that the world has finally gone over the deep end.

Like a Bikes are wooden bikes, no pedals, for ages 2-5. The concept seems really cool — a great way to learn balance, get around, and so on. In fact, I wanted to show my son’s physical therapist what they were the next time I see her.

And then, then I priced them.

$300. THREE HUNDRED SMACKAROONIS. For a child’s toy bike.

I’m all for getting my kids good stuff, especially sports type equipment. Safe, substantial, decently built. I don’t like skimping there. But here is a difference between buying quality and GOING OUT OF YOUR MIND WITH WHO KNOWS WHAT and spending $300 on a bike, no, not even a bike, a half-a-bike, somehing that is like-a-bike.

There are already copies for about $100. If the Like-a-Bike was $100, it could be excused. Three hundred? I can think of a lot of better things to spend it on for the kid. It’s for the other parents, I think, not for the child, when you’ve come down to $300 toy vehicles for your child.

I don’t even think those idiotic motorized jeeps cost that much, seriously.

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Link: willworkforawife.org.

Guy looking for a wife online.

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Link: Index – Last Words of Real People.

Does exactly what it says on the tin.

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Wedding Crashers

Link: Wedding Crashers Official Site: Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Rachel Mcadams Pictures, Upcoming New Movie Trailers, Free Online Movies.

You can upload a photo of yourself and be in the Wedding Crashers trailer.  Sometimes it works quite well!

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Link: Welcome to Things In Rubbers.

Does what it says on the tin.

Things in rubbers.  (Condoms.)

Except of course what you would expect in them.

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Link: Gothamist: Remembering the Pope, Street-Style.

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