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Well, I picked up some extra roma tomatoes, some garlic from the garlic stand, and some local honey (yes honey) for my tomato sauce.  I managed to somehow get the ‘tomato machine’ working.   The sauce has been cooking for about 8 hours, at least, and I will be slow cooking it even more.  I’m hoping to get 8 quarts or so out of it.  (In pint jars.)

It brought back so many memories!  I’m glad I can do out here in Dubuque what I used to do as a kid in Brooklyn.  I hope it turns out nice, I want to ship it out to my family all over.  If it works out, I’ll be doing this all over again either next weekend or the weekend after.  Maybe even both, with the way it smells and tastes so far!

And somewhere in the middle, I’ll be attempting jelly for the first time.  Mountain Dew jelly.  Can’t stand the stuff (Mountain Dew) but it is a novel idea, and I know some people who will get a kick out of it, so if it works out, I’ll send it their way.

I’d just freeze the sauce like we used to when I was younger, but I really want to share the sauce with family and friends.  I miss them, being out here in Dubuque, this is a good way to connect with them, and connect with the family I left behind by carrying on traditions.  (Including insisting my son help, and then telling him, “no no no” and doing it myself, and then insisting he helps again.)

I did just notice I’ve got one heck of an ache in my shoulder. Cranking that tomato squeezer takes a lot out of you!  I can imagine my next visit to Dr. Besler (my chiropractor). “What did you do to it? Wore your textbooks on one side again?” “No, cranking out tomato sauce. Literally.”  The man is a miracle worker, though, so I’m not worried.  Some Ben-Gay, until then.

Oh and besides the above ingredients, I have some wine in it, olive oil, and a lot of the basil from my garden.  I had a basil BUSH, just about. I’ve got to start freezing it, like mom suggested.

I’m mostly glad to send it out to Dan, who will be working for a while at Lincoln Center, it looks like. We’ll know this week, I think. At least he’ll have something home cooked when he’s out of town.

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Bacon Brown Betty

When I was growing up, on the back of the bisquick box was a savory zucchini bread recipe. Bisquick, zucchini and onion, as the basics. It was nice.

Now I moved from NYC out to Iowa, land of affordable instead of fancy farmer’s markets. Church ladies selling baked goods, including zucchini bread. In my nice big yard I grew all sorts of things. I learned to can. I learned to bake. I grew zucchini, ten pounds heavy, as big as my arm. Life was good this summer.

But what to do? I figured I would make zucchini bread, so I called mom. Mom wasn’t home, so dad googled it for me (my laptop was at HP getting fixed). He gave me a recipe that called for a lot of sugar, no onions. Weird. ANd some cinnamon but that wasn’t that weird, I figured it was a contrast or something. Since I was new to baking I figured that the sugar had to help it rise or something chemically. I was not aware really how much sugar goes in things.

It seemed like such a boring recipe, and not quite like what I wanted. I figured I would cut out the cinammon, and cut back a tiny bit of the sugar. Maybe one cup instead of two. Or two instead of three. It was a big recipe. Then I decided I wanted my onions. So I added those. Then A bit of cheese.

Then bacon. I added bacon because I felt that bacon makes everything better. I had a half a package or so left so I happily fried it up, drained it, and tossed it in. I think I left some of the other seasonings in it, maybe the cloves or allspice or something like that.

Well, I guess I came out with what could only be called BACON BROWN BETTY. It was nasty. I tried to eat it. I really did. So did the family. Even the dog would not eat it. I picked at the bacon bits, they weren’t horrible. I guess.

When mom came home she explained the bisquick recipe to me, which had no sugar, and told me that outside the family people make a zucchini bread that is sweet like a pumpkin, banana, or carrot bread. I did not know

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