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Elementary Economics

Last night, my husband went to put the boys to bed.

About an hour later, he came back downstairs, distressed.  Our son, in the fourth grade, had asked him a question.  “Dad, what causes a recession?”

“Why does he have to ask me such hard questions? Why couldn’t he ask me something easy, like where babies come from?”

Three hours later, my son came downstairs.  He talked his dad to sleep. They talked about video games and how my son would design one, and the economy.

“It has something to do with real estate, I think,” he pondered to me, “and moving around money. There was money and they move it all over the place. This can cause problems.”

“Yes, it can, I suppose,” I told him.  “Mommy doesn’t want to talk about such things though. Go to bed!”

I’ll need to take economics at some point, in school.  I’ll have him do my homework.

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You can tell my nine year old has that bit of geek in him.

Today, I went to buy him a toothbrush. One that plays a song when it touches your teeth. The entire song is how long you should take brushing.

When I got home, I teased him. “I got you a new toothbrush,” I told him, “one that plays songs from High School Musical!”

“Ewww, NO!”

“I’m kidding, I think I got the Cheetah Girls.”


“Actually, I got you The Theme from Rocky.”

“You got me a Stephen Hawking toothbrush? AWESOME!”

(He thought I said “I got you A Stephen Hawking” not “I got you the Theme from Rocky”.)

So yeah, my son knows who Stephen Hawking is, but not too clear on the Rocky thing.

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My son came home waving a piece of paper, on school (not district) letterhead.  This was from the school counsellor, who explained everything clearly, and in detail.  This was very reassuring, and it was given so we could talk to our children, it encouraged us to do so honestly and openly.

Furthermore, he left the door open for more questions.  I like this man and his approach.  Now that I learned that the incident was ten minutes long, something the newspaper did not mention, I feel more comfortable with the fact that they did not call.

I still believe my son is in EXCELLENT hands and will be sad when he gradutes from that wonderful and nurturing environment.

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