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You can tell my nine year old has that bit of geek in him.

Today, I went to buy him a toothbrush. One that plays a song when it touches your teeth. The entire song is how long you should take brushing.

When I got home, I teased him. “I got you a new toothbrush,” I told him, “one that plays songs from High School Musical!”

“Ewww, NO!”

“I’m kidding, I think I got the Cheetah Girls.”


“Actually, I got you The Theme from Rocky.”

“You got me a Stephen Hawking toothbrush? AWESOME!”

(He thought I said “I got you A Stephen Hawking” not “I got you the Theme from Rocky”.)

So yeah, my son knows who Stephen Hawking is, but not too clear on the Rocky thing.

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The 20 Worst Foods in America

The 20 Worst Foods in America: Mens Health.com

Is it so wrong that this entire list made me hungry? I have half a mind to go to Hardee’s today, for some of their bacon cheese fries. Never tried them, but as long as I was looking at terribly unhealthy food, I might as well show some initiative and follow up! Or Culver’s, home of the Butterburger. Oh yes, oh yes.

This makes up for the loss of Roll N Roaster in my life, just about.

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