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We just bought Teddy a new scooter, here in Iowa. This was taken in Brooklyn, years ago. He’s not using it much here, and I am not sure of the date this photo was taken. That’s kind of important because there was a date where he was a bit more on track, developmentally, and then it went away. He was always a little different, though.

I need to show this to his physical therapist, if she has no luck getting him on a scooter. To show that he did have the skills, and he may have other reasons for not using it now.

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They’re up

Photos are up, you can check the link in the widget below. Only the most recent 3 photos are there.

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In the lower right is a widget that links to my flickr site. I hope, by the end of the weekend, to have new photos up on flickr. It will put the most recent three on the widget on the lower right, so it would be pretty easy to keep up with my photos just by checking this site, or checking the widget when you read here.

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