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My son’s school did some community service work at the Dubuque Arboretum.  They have a Veteran’s Memorial there.  For whatever reason, his classmates started spitting on it. They thought it was funny; we don’t know why.

My son had the nerve to say “what the HELL are you doing?”

He got in trouble for saying hell.  Nothing happened to those who spit on the memorial.

This is what matters in Dubuque. This is how life has been at Washington all year.  My son said “hell”, and that was a bad thing. Spitting is ok, even if it is on a memorial for all veterans from Dubuque. 

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My son came home waving a piece of paper, on school (not district) letterhead.  This was from the school counsellor, who explained everything clearly, and in detail.  This was very reassuring, and it was given so we could talk to our children, it encouraged us to do so honestly and openly.

Furthermore, he left the door open for more questions.  I like this man and his approach.  Now that I learned that the incident was ten minutes long, something the newspaper did not mention, I feel more comfortable with the fact that they did not call.

I still believe my son is in EXCELLENT hands and will be sad when he gradutes from that wonderful and nurturing environment.

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My new toy

Palm – Products – Palm T|X handheld

Picked up one of these. I am a terribly disorganized person, and it seemed like a good idea. I chose this one because it has integrated wireless, and it syncs up with my school’s web portal. The portal has been doing a decent job of keeping me apprised of what I have to do, so I figured I should combine my school schedule with my life schedule, in one little package.

It’s good, too, because it is compatible with a lot of programs which are useful to a nursing student (and even a nurse). This includes A&P flash cards. I’m giddy!  I’ve also noticed that I prefer taking notes by hand — I make a mess of my textbooks, and write in them.  Most of the stuff I did with my laptop is stuff I can do on my PDA.

The rest of the stuff I need a computer for I can do on a terminal at school, or at home, and upload to the network drive. I can even do edits on the PDA, so I can check over my work on the bus and fix it, and again, upload it to the school network. I also do all my printing at school, too.  As it stands I don’t think there is a need to bring a laptop to school much of the time, I will see if the PDA is good enough. I hope so.

I hope to make a post about how school is going, but I’ve just been too busy to write about it. It is going well, though, don’t worry about that.  So is everything else. Except the weather. Boo.

Iowa has two settings in winter. SNOWING LIKE MAD and FRICKIN FREEZING. It was -5f/-21c a couple of hours ago. I heard it will peak at a balmy ZERO today.  I think that means I should go shopping, today.

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I’m brilliant

I made my schedule for Spring 2008, and managed to keep my sons’ therapy schedules (OT/PT/speech) as is — no juggling there.

What I didn’t notice, though, was that on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have two classes on two different campuses. Whoops. I should have plenty of time to get from the downtown class to the one in Peosta (a town outside Dubuque) though.  I was just so busy making sure the kids were ok, that I didn’t notice that.

In the fall, though, I should have more online classes. Right now I have one hybrid (2 hour lecture and the rest online), two downtown, and one in Peosta. Of course the one in Peosta is a 4 credit bio class with lab, so that’s 3 days a week. Ah well. Required.

Hope the way the shuttle runs I spend most of my wait time in Peosta, as the cafeteria there is cheaper than most (if not all) downtown eateries. Yum.

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I love that kids get recess here. I love that they go outside and play as long as it is above 20f.  Snowpants and boots are required, but that’s ok.

Back in Brooklyn, once it was a bit below freezing, or if there was snow, kids stayed inside. They’d watch a movie, or huddle in the gym.

Better for the health of the children, and the sanity of the adults, to have kids run off some energy and get some fresh air.  A lot can be said for the simple act of having recess. More schools should do this. And schools like this are one of the reasons I can’t see ever returning to NYC.  My children.

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