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It’s not just Harry Potter that has kids crazed, begging their parents for preorders, and hoping to stay up to go to book release parties.  This Twilight series has kids (girls?) going nuts, too.

I just preordered Breaking Dawn, and we might go to the midnight party at River Lights (Second Edition) to get our copy.  It’s crazy, but in a way it’s crazy NOT to encourage enthusiasm for reading.  When our eldest was born in 1995, who would have thought that part of her social life would have included parties for books? And that the hottest thing to get isn’t new sneakers, or jeans, but a new book?

Not too bad, if you ask me.

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Cute Shoes

TOMS Shoes. For every pair you buy, they donate a pair to a child that needs them.

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Moss Acres – Gardening with moss and growing moss

I wonder if I could do this in certain patches of my yard; I already have some moss growing, and if instead of just having it, I could pick the kind I like and design with it, it would look lovely.

I already planted a LOT of wildflowers, and started with some grasses and other more ‘cover’ type stuff.  I’m tired of pansies and petunias.  My veg garden is 3-4x as big as last year.

The whole lawn thing is getting old.  I’ll still have one, but I need more. I want a garden AND a yard. Not just a yard, you know?

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PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics: Mineral Makeup and Natural Beaty Cosmetics

I’m going to be checking them out! I was looking for nail polish, and this company came up. Anyone have any experiences?

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