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My street is a busy two way street that pretty much runs from the Mississippi River to the West End District of town. Cuts across the city, east to west.

My son’s school bus broke down (before it picked him up) and blocked traffic. It had its lights on. It had an SUV with lights on near it. It also had a cop car with lights flashing near it.

To top it off, it had an officer directing traffic.

Now, as we stood outside waiting for the spare bus to get my son, we got to watch the people who felt that STOP didn’t REALLY mean stop. It meant, perhaps, for the person behind them to stop.  Or that it meant don’t stop until you are a foot away from the cop. Or maybe just kind of slow down to a crawl, instead of stopping. It wasn’t just one moron, there were a bunch of happy little morons out on the road today.

There needed to be a second cop there just to make out tickets. It would have been enough to pay for the NICC bond issue, I swear.

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