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Four Seasons

One thing I like about living here in Dubuque is the changing of the seasons.

Brooklyn had FRICKIN HOT, then a week or so of cooling down, then BITTER COLD, and then a warmish week where you needed a light jacket, and then FRICKIN HOT again.

Today, I was happy and excited to see that the top of the hill in my yard was snow free.  I heard birds, and the dripping of melting snow and ice off of trees and buildings.  Even seeing a weather forecast of above freezing temperatures for the week made me giddy.

It’s comforting; I know next I’ll be waiting for the ground to thaw, so I can till a larger patch for my vegetables this year.  Then I’ll be adding manure or compost to it. As I wait, I’ll plan what I am growing. Before you know it, the farmer’s market will move outdoors and I’ll buy plants again.  I never thought I would look forward to weather changing before.

But with changes in weather, comes a change of day to day life.  I’ll do different things, I’ll see different people. It’s a new adventure.  Will someone have the peppers I want? Will I get the right tomatoes? What about half a hog, will I be able to get one butchered any time soon?  How will I deal with grubs this year? How will finals be? What will my CNA course (required for my RN) be like?  How far will I let my middle kid go on his bike? Will the youngest be able to ride a two wheeler yet? Will my eldest go 24 hours without going to the pool?

It’s just endless possibilities triggered by a simple change in the weather.

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