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I’ll be offline until at least Friday. I can still get email for now at amhughes at optonline.net if anyone needs to reach me.

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Link: www.henripeter.com.

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Link: Hell Hound – Heavy Metal Kick Ass Music.

Admit it, you have to love a band that wears makeup like that, and has a song Hillbillys (sic) from Hell.

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Triple X Goldteeth

Link: Triple X Goldteeth.

I’d say the spinning teeth are – something special. Yes.

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Moonie stuff

Link: Where in Washington, D.C. is Sun Myung Moon?: 05/01/2004 – 05/31/2004.

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Link: (My) paper Crane handmade goodies.

That is the name of the company, My Paper Crane. These are not my handmade goodies. The only way I make any money online is from my prints or from the cute lil google ads here.

Just wanted to clarify that.

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Twenty Questions

Link: 20Q Login. Play 20 Questions with a computer. It’s pretty good!

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Link: Fermi nuclear power plant shut down after coolant plant.

Anyone have details, please share — tell me if this is something that is a concern or not.

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Transparent New York

Link: Transparent New York.

I was going to just stick this in my linkblog but it facinated me enough to want to make an entire post about it.

Transparent NY is an map with different overlays…historical NY, landfills, elevated trains, rails, farms, office buildings from different periods, all sorts of maps. On the main site is a perspective fly thru, a skyscraper timeline, and an animated Manhattan that you can flip and rotate and all sorts of fun things.

Interactive, interesting. I like it.

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