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Sex in the City

So I get a note home today, from my 9 year old’s class.

It’s time for AIDS lessons. Will I allow it?

I don’t like this. Not so much the teaching in the 4th grade, five lessons on AIDS/AIDS prevention, but how they put it to us.

I have to phone if I want information as to what they will be teaching. They will start this teaching in kindergarden, my son is due for lessons, too. (What on earth will they teach
5 year olds about AIDS?)

If I decline to let my daughter or son learn about AIDS in school, I am required to send a statement that I WILL be teaching them about AIDS.

Why must I write such a statement? What if I feel that my child is not ready to learn about it, for whatever reason? What if I have moral reasons for not letting my child learn about it? Why must I be forced to have my child learn about this on their timetable?

I’ll be reviewing the materials, because I don’t like them springing this on us — and honestly I can’t see not signing it unless there is something very wrong with it, but I do not like the fact that if I declined the public school system teaching this to my child, that I, as the parent of a young child, am required to teach this subject to them on their timetable.

By the way, this was never brought up at the meetings at the beginning of the year when we went over what the children were learning, or at the open school sessions, or at parent teacher conferences, or at PA meetings. So it’s not like I am an uninformed parent. They just wanted to push this one by in the hopes that the parents don’t question what the children are taught.

Meanwhile the guidance counsellor sent us home a paper on how we should teach our children about responsibility. That we need to do a, b, c, to teach them to be responsible. I guess they will be learning it in school, too, but here we go again with the public school system dictating the moral intricacies of how we raise our children. I don’t like it. I am really loathe to have my children’s morals and values dictated by the government. I’ve seen the mess they’ve made of families and this is just another way they stick their noses where they don’t belong.

They have a hard enough time teaching the children to read, write, do math work. This institution which has failed so many students in the basics, feel that they are able to teach something like this? Ridiculous.

As soon as I can afford private school, they will go. I’d homeschool, but besides having doubts in my abilities to do so, the city would still be butting into my life in places where it shouldn’t.

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Textbook disclaimer stickers

Link: Textbook disclaimer stickers. Those wacky evolutionists!

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WillowTech House

Link: WillowTech House. Much much love for the ear cuff with the petals, and for the punktorian collar. And the co-dependent watch. Beautiful beautiful stuff.

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Link: Neave Lab › Miscellaneous › imagiNation.

Trippy fun thing. Use it with music for the most fun.

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Link: elizabethgold.com.

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Book Decor

Link: Book Decor ~ Books by the Foot ~ Books by the Yard ~ Books by the Look. A site where you can buy books just to decorate with. Leather bound, gilt edged books (that happen to be in Danish). Sold by the foot. $9 a spine for ‘Jeweltone’ and $13 a spine for a “Designer Mix”.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Had a quiet day today (yesterday?). Just had to write down, so I remember, my youngest (2 and a half) scooping out the corn for everyone, and then sitting himself down, requesting something to drink, and then clinking glasses with his 9 year old sister.

Later went to relatives around the block, that was nice, so was having my mom visit for a while.

Also, Alton Brown’s turkey (the brined one, unstuffed) is the most amazing thing and I love it.

I feel pretty, today. It’s a good thing.

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Link: Eyelashesonline.com: Home Page. Wild fake eyelashes. My favorite is Pretty in Pink.

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Link: Drunk Chef Recipe Cookbook – Good Recipes, Good Drinks, Good Times.

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Little Pics

Link: Little Pics. I made a photo blog, with the goal of posting a photo a day. We will see how long THAT lasts, although I will say I’ve been putting a lot of work into my linkblog.

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