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Remember when you bought a printer, and it came with editing software? And when you got a scanner, it came with text reading software?  Now? Nothing. Just the drivers, and whatever software it has to manage your print queue, and your diagnostic stuff.

Ok, printers aren’t $400 and up any more, but throw me a bone, ok?

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Dynamo Green Keyboard – I Want One Of Those

Absolutely brilliant; a keyboard that makes electricity to power your computer.  Your typing generates power!

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My new toy

Palm – Products – Palm T|X handheld

Picked up one of these. I am a terribly disorganized person, and it seemed like a good idea. I chose this one because it has integrated wireless, and it syncs up with my school’s web portal. The portal has been doing a decent job of keeping me apprised of what I have to do, so I figured I should combine my school schedule with my life schedule, in one little package.

It’s good, too, because it is compatible with a lot of programs which are useful to a nursing student (and even a nurse). This includes A&P flash cards. I’m giddy!  I’ve also noticed that I prefer taking notes by hand — I make a mess of my textbooks, and write in them.  Most of the stuff I did with my laptop is stuff I can do on my PDA.

The rest of the stuff I need a computer for I can do on a terminal at school, or at home, and upload to the network drive. I can even do edits on the PDA, so I can check over my work on the bus and fix it, and again, upload it to the school network. I also do all my printing at school, too.  As it stands I don’t think there is a need to bring a laptop to school much of the time, I will see if the PDA is good enough. I hope so.

I hope to make a post about how school is going, but I’ve just been too busy to write about it. It is going well, though, don’t worry about that.  So is everything else. Except the weather. Boo.

Iowa has two settings in winter. SNOWING LIKE MAD and FRICKIN FREEZING. It was -5f/-21c a couple of hours ago. I heard it will peak at a balmy ZERO today.  I think that means I should go shopping, today.

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