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I found that for my last post I couldn’t find words to say myself, but had words I wanted to share.

Let all nations hear the word by sound or writing. Spare no place, spare not tongue nor pen, but be obedient to the Lord God and go through the world and be valiant for the Truth upon earth…. And this is the word of the Lord God to you all, and a charge to you all in the presence of the living God, be patterns, be examples in all countries, places, islands, nations, wherever you come; that your carriage and life may preach among all sorts of people, and to them. Then you will come to walk cheerfully over the world, answering that of God in every one; whereby in them ye may be a blessing, and make the witness in God in them to bless you.

— George Fox, Journal, 1694

I can only hope that I’ve been going that way, these past 24 hours.

(A bio of George Fox, courtesy of Wikipedia.)

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1000 blank cards is a game I could really get into, at this hour, after being up so long. I’d probably do better in this state than after a good night’s sleep.

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Eye Candy for ME.

The New Zealand All Blacks.

The Haka.

A photo shoot. (Search for Haka, it is SO worth it. There are 2 in the archives. Won’t kill ya to watch both. Really. Besides, they are shirtless in the victory one.)

That will give me good dreams when I go to bed at 8:01!

Also, drinking all the caffeine I’ve had to this past day really has a bad side effect. *runs to bathroom. AGAIN.*

This is worse than when I was pregnant AND diabetic! Yeesh.

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Benny Benassi

I love this video, Satisfaction. Originally linked on Dan’s site.

After all, what construction worker doesn’t like power tools?

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I should do this now, before my brain gets fuzzier, I should have done it earlier, when I was more coherent.

I won’t do links now, it’s hard going back and forth, but I have to get this all out there.

Thanks of course to my sponsors, without you where would I be now? Oh yeah. Sleeping. But I would have missed out on one hell of a 24 hours, I’m not only glad I raised money for the hospice, but I met some really great people through Project Blog.

Then of course, we have to thank the Project Blog founders, and all the other bloggers. Chat was fun tonight, as was hopping through the webring, and commenting on blogs, and the mailing list. I hope we stay in touch. I know I added a lot of you to my blogroll and will continue reading.

Everyone who commented, emailed, posted, IM’d me, all that, thank you for keeping me awake and sane. Knowing someone was actually READING this stuff made it all worthwhile. I wanted 48 posts of content, even if it was silly, rude, useless, whatever. But I wanted SOMETHING.

Thank those of you who passed on my blog for others to read and sponsor me. It was nice to see mentions of my blog in different places.

Need to thank the kids for being good, my parents for watching them for a few hours (Dan worked today), and Dan for keeping them out of my hair when I got home. And Dan for not saying I was insane, and encouraging me, not discouraging me.

I’d like to thank Calvary Hospital too, first of all, I’ve heard of charities that did not want to take part in something like this. But I would also like to thank them for making a completely unbearable situation almost bearable. Not only did I have to lose someone I love so very much, but I had to watch the people I love suffer, too. Just a testament to what a wonderful woman my grandmother is. (Was, to me, would imply she is no longer wonderful.) I’m just in some warped way upset that this is the charity I am blogging for, I wish the whole thing would have never happened. Goodness knows in my mind I forget quite a bit. I see something and want to tell her, and I can’t. I wonder when I will visit, and can’t. I have less coupons, now, too. Constant reminders of life. Not just the great things she did, but her presence. And if she was still alive, I’d be blogging for something else now, I guess. So yeah, in some way, I wish this was all for someplace else, only because it would mean she was still here.

Well, I’m about this close to crying so this is probably a good time to stop. I still need to keep up my strength (emotionally and spiritually as well as physically) to finish this. It’s so close, just 2 hours more.

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Wow. The sun is coming up. These last few hours are DRAGGING, though. Back is killing me, too. Ah well. It’s almost over.

Anyways, I wish I had this talent — this is an artist that does age progression and image modification. The site shows an animation as the art progresses from original to modified. It’s pretty cool –and it’s not just a skill with the actual art, it is the knowledge of how people age or change.

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It is a game, first you pick out what dictator or sitcom character you are.

Then the site asks you yes or no questions.

After a short while, it can figure out who you are!

There was a 20 questions one too but I lost the URL. I should google it.

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I don’t listen to the radio anymore. In the car, maybe, if someone has one on, but that is it. Maybe if cleaning I will put the music on directv if it is closer than my computer. . .but I bought decent speakers for my computer because I can get better music there, and get more exposure to artists I never heard of before, or heard of but could never find.

Radio Crystal Blue is a good example of online radio that plays stuff to expand your musical tastes, expand your brain. I swear that brains rot from lack of stimulation, and that includes musical stimulation. You’re not going to break out of your rut, grow wings, if you listen to the same pop crap day in and day out. Take a look at past playlists! Or even better, LISTEN. You can listen live or when there isn’t something going on, can listen to past shows. (There are interviews, too, not just music.)

He also books bands, for those of you in NYC.

The mailing list is lively but not spammy. I recommend joining it to keep updated. (I’m one of those that needs constant reminders of things. Mailing lists are GOOD.)

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Fan art can be really bad. Making non anime things anime-ish kind of bugs me. Crazy pairings of characters boggles my mind.

But nothing, NOTHING prepared me for the horrors of a site that has pregnant Snape anime fan art. Nothing at all.

Hey, if I have to suffer at 4am, so do you!

I am almost afraid to see what I will be posting the next few hours.

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Virtual bubblewrap.

As you can tell I can barely read now, if this is how I am now entertaining myself.

Thing is, if I recall correctly, there is more than one site like this!

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