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Link: My opinion David Stoeffler: Opinion pages get a makeover | The Arizona Daily Star �.

Finally, we’ve decided that syndicated columnist Ann Coulter has worn out her welcome. Many readers find her shrill, bombastic and mean-spirited. And those are the words used by readers who identified themselves as conservatives.

And really, she is.  She’s not doing conservatives a favor.  I know a number of conservatives (including people I will read) that are intelligent, thoughtful, educated and sane.  Not her.  She’s a sensationalist.  Dare I say she makes Moore look reasonable and balanced?

I’d like to add that they are replacing her with a former Bush speechwriter, so it’s not as if they are going from one extreme to another.

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Plumb Beach

Plum Beach
Originally uploaded by Kibbles.

Going to hit this beach again, to see if it was cleaned up, as per the mayor’s promise a couple of weeks ago — this weekend it was still a cesspool, so bad my son nearly gagged from the stench, but last night, at the Dem Mayoral Debate in Brighton Beach, a neighbor told me that they did start cleanup of the beach. (Beach in the photo of course, click on it for larger version/gallery.)

We’ll see today or this weekend, I suppose.

I’m going to post my notes sans impressions of the debate later on, I’ll have an article on it published for the small paper I work for, too, that comes out Monday.

I’m still reserving judgement for later — I tend to actually feel sorry for politicians, as if they’ll be crushed by my lack of vote, much like my turning someone down for a date.

I really get emotionally involved in my politics in a strange way, don’t I?

But the notes I’ll leave up, since not everyone has channel 12 in NYC and I didn’t notice coverage in any of my RSS feeds this morning.

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4Christina [Dot] Org

Link: 4Christina [Dot] Org.

This is the friend of someone who matters a lot to me.

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Link: IESB.

Clips from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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Angry Alien Productions

Link: Angry Alien Productions, Sase and Topsie.

Thirty second bunnies theatre library.

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Wedding Crashers

Link: Wedding Crashers Official Site: Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Rachel Mcadams Pictures, Upcoming New Movie Trailers, Free Online Movies.

You can upload a photo of yourself and be in the Wedding Crashers trailer.  Sometimes it works quite well!

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Stupid flash things

Link: Flash � Kitty Cat Dance.

My youngest hates this and pounds on the keyboard in RAGE watching it.  I’ve no idea why.

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