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Ted finally got his very own Chatbox 40! We started off with just 24 symbols for now.

At first, he just kept pressing ‘pizza’ over and over. But after one session with his speech therapist, he got back into the swing of things. His therapy sessions, he used it effectively to communicate the few words we put on.

But the real trial was out on the street. We went running our errands and he used it well, even improvising if he didn’t have the right word! He asked to go to the bathroom, get a snack, asked for ice cream specifically, and when sick of a line that was too long, he kept asking me to ‘stop’! And in case I didn’t understand THAT, he asked for a break too!

He even uses two word combos, such as “want” and the item, instead of just the item. (Although he asks for that too.)

He’s also started babbling again, more consonants. Less humming and noises. (I also upped the omegas, which always seemed to have a positive effect on using verbal communication.)

Such good results in such short time. I’m not expecting him to use all 400 words right away, but I think we made a GREAT start!

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Talk To Me Technologies

My son’s Chatbox 40 XT was ordered! Not only is Talk to Me Technologies getting us the Chatbox, we are also getting our own copy of Boardmaker, we are getting a laminating machine, too!  We will be able to use everything right away!

The trial period was great, and this is the perfect device for my son.  They had a lot of options but they helped us pick the one that was just right for my son at this moment in time, and one that will grow with him. It is really a fantastic piece of equipment, and we are looking forward to using it, the sooner the better!

We’re really excited. I’m sure Ted will be so happy to get his ‘voice’ back!

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I just got a letter from the insurance company.

Actually, Ted did.

This letter stated that he was approved for durable medical equipment: SPEECH GENERATING DEVICE

It is to let him know that a nurse will be calling him, to see how he is feeling and answer any questions he has about the device.

The thought of Ted having a conversation with the nurse, cracks me up. We will put in, I think, his FOOD overlay, and he can tell her, “Chicken nuggets! French fries! Ice cream! Soda! Macaroni! Ice Cream!” Until, of course, she realizes that she is trying to talk to a non verbal child about his speech generating device.

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So, Ted came home from respite yesterday, with his chatbox.

“McDonalds. McDonalds. McDonalds,” he pressed, over and over.

“Didn’t you already go to McDonalds?” I asked, spying his cup.

“McDonalds. McDonalds. McDonalds,” was all I got in reply.

I took it away from him, and he fussed. I switched a card to one with activities he liked, and are at home. At first he was mad and scowled at the cards. But then he recognized a picture.

“Trampoline,” he pushed.

“Yes, yes, let’s go upstairs and jump on the trampoline!”

Before he could think twice, I took him by the hand, grabbed the chatbox, and we went up to the playroom. He jumped right on the trampoline, and I pushed the button. “Trampoline,” I heard in my digitized voice.

He laughed, and laughed, and only stopped to push/say, “Trampoline,” and jump again.

He then got off the trampoline and looked out the window, to the dusky outside, and pressed, “Swing.”

“You want to swing? Let’s go downstairs, get dressed, and go outside to swing!”

Instead, he pressed “trampoline” and started jumping again. FIne with me. Still the swing was calling. He got off, pressed “swing” again, and this time ran downstairs with me to get dressed and go into the yard.

And he swang and swung and swinged, stopping only to press “Swing” now and then. I told him we had to go in, and we did. It was dinner time. I put his chatbox aside, and we started to eat. He finished first.

He got his chatbox again. “Swing.”

“I’m eating”




“I promise, let me finish eating.”

And then “Swing” followed by a small voice. “Peas.” He would press “Swing” and say “peas”. Over and over. How could I resist? So we went back outside to swing some more. When we were done, I went to my room to read, and he went about his business.

Again, he came in with his chatbox, and pressed “Swing”. But he didn’t hit it just right. So he said “Wing”.

We went outside again, so he could wing.

And then he walked in the melting snow, made a last run down the sled on the little bit that was left, and looked to the sky. I filled in the silence with chatter, as I’ve done for so long for him. “Oh, look at the sky! Look at it! See the stars? See the moon? Aren’t they pretty?” For six years it’s been nearly a monologue.

Not anymore.

“Up. Up. High, high!” he said, stepping with his feet as if he could climb in the skies and touch them himself.

And after last night, I’ve no doubt he can, one day.

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Saltillo Corporation :: products

My youngest son got a voice today.  So far he likes pressing the buttons, but we hope soon, he’ll be using it for so much more.  With a maximum of 400 words, this will make great strides in his ability to communicate with the world around him.

For so long, he’s been able to understand us. Now, we can start to understand him.

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